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Continuous Insulation Manufacture

Insulation is a necessary part of every new building construction project and many renovations. The use of insulation is a requirement in order to provide the best protection against outside elements such as temperature and weather. There are many types of insulation available but one of the best is continuous insulation. Continuous insulation manufacture uses high quality materials including BASF Neopor® graphite polystyrene. There are many benefits of using continuous insulation.

Benefits of Continuous Insulation

There are some unique benefits to using continuous insulation over traditional panels. First and foremost, our continuous insulation is made with materials that provide R-values that last over time. Most other materials lose quite a bit of their R-value in the first five years after installation. Continuous insulation manufacture uses materials that are found to stand the test of time. They won’t lose their R-value like rigid materials.

Continuous insulation serves a dual purpose. It provides insulating properties and serves as a weather resistant barrier when installed according to specifications. This means that you can save money on materials and labor by eliminating the need to install a separate product.

Another benefit of continuous insulation is that it provides a uniform look across the entire building. It also meets the bracing requirements per IBC and IRC building codes. It is a durable and affordable solution that will help reduce utility bills.

Properties of Continuous Insulation

There are two main types of continuous insulation that we manufacture. StarRguard Plus and StarRstruc Plus are both high quality products that have a stable R-value. StarRstruc is used for structural lateral bracing and transverse wind load resistance. StarRguard is used in non-structural applications. Both are available in a selection of panel thicknesses to fit your needs.

Among our products, both types of continuous insulation we manufacture are offered in R-values of R3 and R5. This selection provides you with the best options for your construction project. Review the needs of your project and the requirements for your particular climate zone. You must also meet the local codes.

StarRstruck Plus is available in thicknesses of ¾ inch and 7/8 inch with an R-value of R3. It is also available in thicknesses of 1-1/8 and 1-3/8 inches with an R-value of R5. The StarRguard Plus is made in 5/8 inch and 1-1/16 inch thicknesses with an R3 value and in 1-1/16 and 1-5/16 inch thicknesses with an R5 value.

 At Star-R-Foam we will help you in determining your exact needs and will provide you with a quote for the materials that are best suited to your project. Our products will help you build a high performance house that meets and exceeds requirements. StarRstruc Plus is the ideal product for use in both residential and commercial construction projects. We are happy to assist you in choosing the products that will meet your requirements. You can download a copy of our install guide online. Contact us today to learn more about the high quality continuous insulation we manufacture and to request a quote for materials.


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