/ Safety is not just a hard hat


Our Safety Pledge

At Compass Access Solutions, our philosophy is that nothing we do, and no job is so urgent that we can't take the time to do it in a safe manner. The welfare of our employees is our greatest concern. At Compass we have developed and implement the most effective health and safety policies and procedures with the ultimate goal of reducing workplace accidents and injuries through training, education and awareness.

Total Employee Engagement

Having a proactive safety mind set in each of our team members is essential. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, on every job, is necessary to achieve the expected standard of safety excellence. All employees, including management and supervisors, are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives, following all procedures, working safely, and providing feedback towards improving all safety measures.

Management is responsible for providing a safe work site by establishing and maintaining adequate standards and equipment; to ensure that physical and health hazards are accounted for and eliminated. An attitude of cooperation from employees in promoting incident prevention will assist in achieving our goal: “no one gets hurt.” We want to make our company the best place to work, one where employees share in corporate growth and success.

We Exceed Safety Expectations

We exceed industry standards and are always seeking to take our safety practices to the next level. We have created an interactive safety culture where all team members are encouraged to be involved, creative, and vocal. You will see and feel the difference in our company. We do not view health, safety and environmental concerns as problems; we see them as opportunities to have consistent quality, a high-functioning healthy team, and an active role in keeping our environment safe. We develop work procedures that are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta. We are also registered with COR, ISN, and ComplyWorks.

Compliance with Government Regulations

Our program complies with the government regulatory requirements in Alberta. We have a full-time National Construction Safety Officer to ensure that all employees receive the standard training upon hire.