Providing access in the most difficult terrain

Compass produces wood access mats made from Oak and Fir. Compass sells and rents wood access mats made from Oak, Fir or a combination of the two fibers. These mats are typically fourteen feet long and eight feet wide and are bolted together for extended life.  

Oak Access Mats

Our Oak access mat is made of solid Oak and carriage bolted together to our specs. These are the industry leading mat when it comes to overall strength and durability. It is the optimal mat for long-term, repeated use as it is the strongest, most resistant to flexing caused by heavy loads, and longest lasting mat the industry has to offer. Servicing Northern BC, and throughout Alberta, Compass Access Solutions offers quick response time and 24/7 service.

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oak access mat

Hybrid Access Mats

The Fir Hybrid Mat is made up mainly of fir with oak outer edges and carriage bolted together. This design allows for lower transportation costs as well as the added strength and protection (oak edges) from operations and heavy industry use. The combination of fir and oak provides a lightweight but durable solution for tough repeat projects. This option is the most common mat used in the heavy frosted areas of Northern Alberta and British Columbia. We offer 24/7 service, and invite you to contact us if you have any questions about this product.

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hybrid access mat

Fir Access Mats

Our Fir mats are made entirely of Douglas Fir wood. and are the lightest, most economical mats in the industry, It is the perfect solution for longer-term scenarios where mats are placed and will not be moved for long periods of time. They also have the least environmental impact, making them best for light use situations or where sensitive land must be protected and are the least expensive to transport. The mats are constructed to our specifications using Grade 2 (or better) rough-cut 2x8 fir countersunk nuts and 172 bolts in our customer-designed bolt pattern. Hybrid Lighter than the traditional solid Oak mat, the Hybrid mat is a great all-purpose mat, built mainly with high quality Douglas Fir. It utilizes four Oak boards on the outside corners and is carriage-bolted together with a 172 bolt pattern for maximum strength. This mat’s lighter weight allows the transportation costs to be drastically reduced.

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fir access mat