/ Core Values


Our Purpose

To be the best known and most trusted matting provider.


Compass Access Solutions revolves our daily operations around four main values and commitments to our customers and our employees. They guide everyone in our company to make us successful through customer service, employee engagement and safety.

Rising to the Challenge

With every job we are faced with obstacles and challenges that force us to rise above and think outside the box. Our team consistently proves their ability to go over and above in every situation. We encourage employees to think about how their role and initiative contributes to our achievements as a company.

Driving Customer Success

We believe that every project deserves the same level of service, every time. It is the foundation of our business and ensures that our customers receive incredible, high-quality service no matter their needs or their budget.

Leadership & Passion

We believe that all people, given the right tools, have extraordinary potential. Our team is constantly undergoing professional and personal development training to ensure every single member is equipped with the highest standards and the ability to cultivate that potential in others.


For us, transparency comes quite naturally. It is the foundation of real teamwork. This trust extends to our customers and anyone who interacts with us on any level. We believe that being open helps us to share our reasoning for our pricing, our future plans and other choices we may make.